Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blank page challenge

What would you do with a blank page? Obviously there is countless things you could do, but how many times do you actually do it? This week I am going to take the challenge to fill a couple of blank pages in a creative way. 

Not only am I doing this to challenge myself, but I would also like to challenge you. There are no rules to it, just draw, paint, write, fold or do whatever else you feel like doing with it. I would also kindly ask you to share this with the rest of us and share it on the InspirU CooCoo Facebook page.

If your a Blogger you can also add your blog to your page so that we can all connect that way. The purpose for all of this is so we can continue to advance the community here at InspirU CooCoo to inspire one and other. 

Start creating, you have a week (till July 12). See you at the Facebook page!

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