About ME 

Hi there, my name is Sheedia. I am a bubbly, energetic, thoughtful island girl from Curacao that loves to dance, sing, draw, write, browse the internet, travel, lend a helping hand and appreciate art. I speak four languages and love diversity.

As an aspiring graphic designer this blog serves to inspire me and others into incorporating art into all areas of life. I believe we all have an inclination to art, no matter how much we acknowledge it.

About the BLOG

Ever wished  your life had as much creativity in it as someone else? I have, numerous times. That is why I started this blog. 

Inspiru COOCOO, simply is the combination of the three words Inspire, You and Coo Coo (=crazy). It is a spot on the internet to find inspirations to stimulate you to incorporate creativity in every area of your life. Whether that is a painting, photograph, video or inspirational quote.

It does not matter if you have an Master's degree in art or if you do not know what "mixed media" means. We can all use some inspiration.


You can easily receive updates by e-mail by entering your e-mail here. Twitter and Facebook  are other easy ways to stay connected. If you have any question, comment or remark, feel free to contact me at inspiru@live.com anytime.