Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inspiring through beauty || Architecture

  {Day TWO} 
Have you taken the time to study the design of your house? You probably have many times, but there must be a house/building on your every tracks that you have never paid attention to. Maybe it's because its design does not appeal to you at all, interestingly enough even there you could find something to inspire you.

It could be the rusty doors texture like we saw in this post. Even if the place you have chosen does not have anything that inspire you, you could spend some time thinking why it does not inspire you. What are the things that you would change? What can you learn never to apply on your house? If you really like the house you could think of the opposite, what are the things that you could apply to your house?

Photo credit: Sheedia (Me)

*Inspiring through beauty is a challenge for all of us to get inspired in ways that we are not familiar with

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