Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inspiring through beauty || Nature

  {Day ONE}  
What best way to get inspired than nature? It is the first thing most think about when thinking about inspiration. For some this is easier than others. If you have a nice house by the beach or work in a nature reserve, you don't need to look far to see nature. But if you are not that lucky, you can spend some time looking at a tree nearby, someone's garden, birds or ants, just to name a few.

Look out for how it this piece of nature (except the sky) blend in to the things around it. Check out the colors, functionality and it's reason for being there.

Then take some time to think of how you do something creative with it in mind. Maybe a little doodle, or a bigger project perhaps. It is up to you, but make sure you spend 5-10 minutes thinking of how you can do something.

Photo credit: Me - My first picture shown here (a bit shy)

*Inspiring through beauty is a challenge for all of us to get inspired in ways that we are not familiar with

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