Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alli Paque, an inspirational artist

This story is nothing short of inspiring. It appeared this morning on Her name is Alli Paque, she is 93 and does rosemaling. This is a form of painting on wood with a lot of floral ornamentation, flowing elements that usually creates patterns. It is said to come from Norway, though not certain.

After being discouraged by her father to pursue art as a career, she chose to study business. But life took her back to art later when she was married with children. At some point she even gave classes, which led her to meeting a lot of different people, something she very much enjoys.

Today her schedule consists of doing house work in the morning and then doing rosemaling all afternoon. Most of Ms. Paque's artwork is displayed in her house and those of her relatives. Some are for sale in her daughter's store, but she enjoys rosemaling mostly just for fun.

Isn't it amazing that she never gave up on her dream of becoming an artist, and it is really cool that she still continues to paint even at 93! I love reading about people that are inspiring like this. This is why I am starting an interview series on Thursday called CooCoo Interview. Some amazing people will be featured in it, so be sure not to miss it. See you again on Monday.

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