Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Decorating tips for your living room

Just today as I was browsing the internet for decorating tips I came across the article '40 Decorating Tips for Your Living Room' by Real Simple. The reason I am sharing this is because they had some great tips. Nonetheless I found it very inconvenient to read through because you constantly have to click 'next' to read another tip.

So if your just like me and would rather have everything in one place I thought I would highlight some things for you from the whole article.

Add nature to the mix
There are some tips that concerns adding nature to your living room decoration. Some of them are bringing in flower to cheer up a room, add wild prints like a zebra print to spice things up and mixing in hardwood floors with earth make the floor pop.

Rules while playing with color
Adding color to anything is great, but there are some rules that could help in incorporating color to a space. The color tips were varied and there were quite a few. So here they are in a quick list:

  • Introduce colors on walls
  • Add color highlights to neutrals
  • Highlight colors by placing them against white
  • Add colorful pillows to accentuate a bland sofa
  • Use a soft pallette
  • Pick an assertive print for the sofa to make room pop (photo)

What would a living room be without furniture? Of course it was not left out in the tips. One of the rules that I always try to incorporate in any space is using double duty furniture. In a living room setting you could think of buying a deep couch so it could also be used as a bed. Another good tip is using a transparent table to make a room look bigger. Aside from that, think about creating clean lines by using square like furniture and placing them in symmetrical arrangements.

Creating a side table from a guest room luggage rack is a way of having a sidetable without spending a dime. (photo)

Decorating items
Both my least favorite and favorite tip falls in this category. A tip that I did not agree with is grouping small objects together (as seen in the right picture). This just makes things look cluttered and messy.

Other tips in this category included place a large wall piece against a bare wall to make a statement, placing proper lighting for reading, mixing busy accessories with a simple sofa. What was my favorite tip your asking? It is the clock wall. This is created by placing different clocks in time zones that are of some what significance.

So these are the tips that I thought were important from the above mentioned article. If you have the time you can go through it one by one. There are definitely some great tips, it just takes up a lot of time.

*Emily Grandin will be taking us back to basic in illustration tomorrow in another CooCoo Interview. Something you won't wanna miss.

Image credits: Alison Spear, Ngoc Minh Ngo, Lucas Allen, Aya Brackett

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