Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top design blogs worth checking out

What is your favorite blog? As I browse around different blogs I find a lot that I like. Being a part of the blogging world, requires seeing what others are doing in the blog world. There are many great blogs out there to explore. Today I chose to highlight the design blogs. All of these are blogs that are worth checking out regularly, they all have archives of amazing designs.

Design For Mankind

The little corner on the internet where design junkie Erin Loechner shows off artwork, photography, colors, clothing and more.

Aside from showing of artwork from others, she also has a section called myKind where she shows off her her style in different ways. 


At Poppytalk you can find a display of variety of different stuff that has to do with design. Everything is neatly organized alphabetically from affordable art to weekend projects, with fonts, slideshow and much more in between.

Jan and Earl are the founders of this varied blog. Both worked in the design field and has some design picks worth checking out.


Simply designed to offer and showcase the best in the design world is what Design Work Life offers. The site is a apart of the New York based design studio Seamless Creative. Everyday you can find showcases of typography, business cards, label design and a variety of other things that ties in with the subject of design.

My favorite is the Monday Quick Links, when they take the time every Monday to highlight some inspirational design related sites and projects.


Have you checked Ellie Snow out already? This picture of her is just vibrant. She is a graphic designer that shares works in her field as well as other things.

Her website describes itself as "an online collection of art, design, weddings, handmade objects that inspire me in my own work and life" 


This site is a bit new to me, but just at the first glance you can see that it is loaded with good stuff. Unlike the other sites mentioned above, it also offers design in the area of architecture and technology.

The technology section is a special one, there you can find cars with artwork all over it, a modern table that serves as a docking station and colorful headphones. There you can find ways to add creativity in the geeky side of your world.


Design blogs are abundant, quite frankly I am still discovering some new ones. Shout out your favorites in the comments section or if you have a favorite not mentioned above please share it with us.

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