Saturday, August 20, 2011

I thought I couldn't sell

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Can you easily sell things? Do you sell things often? Whether your answer these questions with a 'yes' or a 'no', you might be surprised that you are possibly selling things more often than you think. See, selling does not always have to do with giving something for exchange for money.

Think about it, we sell ideas all the time. "I love that movie" resulting into our best friend watching it, is just a small example. In the article "So You Think You Can't Sell" the writer shares one of the main ingredient to selling something: Believing that what you have will help someone else. I find this to be so true, many people try to sell products they don't even believe in or don't see the importance of it to someone else.

A couple of weeks back someone was trying to sell me Dead Sea salt that exfoliates the skin. She believed so much that I needed it that she kept telling me all the benefits and even lowered the price numerous times when I told her that I can't afford it. Had I had the money I definitely would have bought it, not because I wanted to spend money but because I started believing that I needed the Dead Sea salt.

So if you are looking at selling your art, or anything else, just find people that you believe need it and go tell them that they do. "So You Think You Can't Sell" also features 30 ways to be more successful at selling, read them if you need an extra boost. I thought I couldn't sell, but after reading that article I believe I can sell anything.

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