Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Best Camera Ever

In the eye of the beholder
Photo credit: Bea loves photography
Have you seen the pictures from my fun week? At the present moment I am still full of inspiration from all that I saw.  There is one thing that came to mind during that trip that I believe we can all learn from. After trying to capture every shot with my camera, I took a break and realized that I had a much more powerful camera than the one I was holding.....my eye.

Think about it for a minute, with the eye we can capture pictures in an instant without having to play around with shutter speed, aperture, or flash. Use of the eye is completely free and the images can never be destroyed.

Just like a photographer can photograph the most ugliest of things in an attractive way, we can also choose to see the ugliest situations in our lives with a different eye by creatively seeing the positive inside of it. Besides, make sure that you do not forget the beautiful moments your natural camera captures. Hang them all up in the gallery of your mind. This way you are always surrounded by beauty.

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