Monday, November 7, 2011

Get Involved Week: Why You're Creative

It is "Get Involved" week! This week it is all about the whole CooCoo Family sharing about themselves. It will be a week, where you get to participate and share what your all about. I am so excited to hear more about you all and learn new things from YOU!

We will kick things off with a question:

Of course, I wil go ahead and say my reason. I consider myself creative because everything that is "different" attracts me. Whether it's an artwork, fashion, craft or just doing things in a different way. To me that is just a sign that I am creative.

Here is how you get involved:
  1. Answer the question in the comment section.
  2. This week you can tweet using the Hashtag #GetInvolvedWeek so we can stay connected on Twitter
  3. There is also a poll to complete the "Get Involved Week" in the sidebar. Make sure you answer!

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