Thursday, June 16, 2011

CooCoo Interview: Erin Loechner

This is the first every CooCoo Interview, so let me tell you a bit about it. CooCoo Interview will be a series of interviews with people that inspires in a creative way. Every Thursday there will be a new person that will answer 5 questions concerning them, their inspirations with some advice here and there.

Our first interview is with Erin Loechner from Design For Mankind. You probably already visited her blog, since it was mentioned in the list of Top Design blogs from last week. Design For Mankind has become one of the top blogs on the internet featured on sites like Times online and CNBC. Aside from that she can also be found in a variety of different magazines. Don't let all that publicity fool you, Erin is a very down to earth person and was very excited when I asked her for the interview. Enjoy!

Where did it all start?
I started Design for Mankind as a drop box for inspiring visuals. I had just taken a position as an art director and utilized the Internet as my primary source of research, information and idea sharing. It only seemed natural to catalog everything in one spot, and this was before visual bookmarking sites were available. I knew blogging well, as I'd kept a personal blog since 2001, so starting a "design" blog fit the bill!

What comes to mind when you  think about the Design for Mankind blog as it is today? Are you surprised it has come this far?
So, so surprised. I see Design for Mankind as a daily journal for me. It's so fun to search all corners of the Internet to find something to fill my head space with --- and Design for Mankind is the place where I display what's filling that head space. There's something really beautiful about being able to look back through the archives and see how my taste, personality and experiences have shaped me.

With that said, I like to keep things lighthearted around Design for Mankind. Selfishly, it's where I live online, but I also recognize that it's a great tool for others who need inspired, as well as emerging artists looking for exposure. For that reason, I realize that there are people watching what I do, how I behave and what form my site is taking. That is both a privilege and a responsibility, so I do make sure to keep high standards for Design for Mankind... most of the time. ;)

Tell us something people might not realize about you.
I don't know how to tie my shoes! Never learned, and have tried as an adult but find it VERY difficult. Totally not kidding over here!

What ability would you ask for if you could ask for anything?
I would so love to be invisible and listen to every conversation around me. So trite, but can you imagine the things you would find out?

When do you find time to relax? And how do you usually do it?
I make it a point to relax as often as possible, day and night, and generally unwind by eating dinner with my husband and settling down for a movie or a few of our favorite shows. Books and magazines are my weakness, as well, so I'm always retiring to bed early to catch a few pages of my latest read!

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