Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun, Creative Father's Day Inspiration

father and daughterIf you by any chance forgot, this Sunday is father's day! When it comes to father's day (or mother's day for that matter), many people immediately think of gifts. In fact some people might have even searched for this post in Google to find some father's day gift ideas. Funny thing is that a lot of times those gifts are appreciated, but not useful or memorable.

Last mother's day, we spend the day together as a family. I made breakfast, then we looked at old pictures, went to a restaurant for lunch and visited my grandparents afterwards. While we were looking through our old pictures we found some old mother's day cards from when we were younger. Though these were cherished by my mom, she didn't have much to do with it afterwards and just placed it in the box of old pictures. In contrast to the not so memorable cards, she did mention all the fun we had this year to numerous people.

That was all about mother's day, but the same applies for father's day. Instead of giving just a card, why not do something fun with dad or (since this blog is all about creativity) something creative. Of course we are all very creative, but sometimes we need a little help with ideas. So here are some ideas to consider:

Game Night Chip Bowls and Candle Trivets
  • Movie night (or day)
  • Cook dad's favorite meal with the family
  • Family game night
  • Go out and play daddy's favorite sport
  • Watch dad's favorite sport on tv
  • Play King dad and his helpers 

Those are some that I came up with that would be fun to do. But if you insist on giving him something. These are 2 creative DIY projects that I found online.
Do you have more creative ideas? Share it!

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