Saturday, July 23, 2011

Inspiring through beauty || The sky

Perfect Sky Perfect Cloud

  {Day FIVE} 
For our last challenge I suggest we take a look at the biggest "thing" - (if you could call it - that surrounds us, the sky. Blue, grey, white, purple, green are all colors you could see in the sky.

Aside of the colors there are a lot more forms, shapes and objects to see in the sky. You can choose to pay attention to one thing, or just the whole sky. It's up to you.

Today being the last day, take some time to put something on paper. No matter how much time you have, you can create something. The clouds create different forms in just a couple of seconds. You can too! If you have the time to create something bigger, do it!

Bonus: If you could it would also be nice to combine all the different inspirations in one creative project.

If you have not left a comment yet about your inspirations, you still have today to do it. Can't wait to hear how this challenge has helped you.

Photo credit: ►CubaGallery

*Inspiring through beauty is a challenge for all of us to get inspired in ways that we are not familiar with

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