Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CooCoo Recap #002

If you are reading this, I am somewhere in the world enjoying a much needed family vacation. With that in mind I have set up the second CooCoo Recap with the most visited posts for this month (as of July 19)

  1. Inspiring through beauty (if you have not checked out the series, do it!)
  2. CooCoo Interview: Holly Becker
  3. Curacao flavoured artwork - Nena Sanchez
  4. Belgian vintage
  5. 5 Tips on finding inspirational music
  6. EXTREME MONDAY || Drowning softly
  7. CooCoo Interview: Emily Grandin
  8. Smashing July calenders
  9. The stairs everyone calls inspirational
  10. Decorating tips for your living room 

There are some posts planned for these two weeks and hopefully I can update you while I'm traveling. Come back and check out the surprises or subscribe to the blog through feed in the sidebar to your right.

Be right back.

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