Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Write it out - my story

Remember the write it out challenge? Did you write something? Hope you did and enjoyed the challenge, just don't be shy to share it. As promised, here is my story. I'm not great, but I had fun. To me that's the most important part.

Even though she was satisfied, she woke up with the same irritating problem that has haunted her for a majority of her life. She was glad that her room was finished and that everything was crossed of her prolonged to-do list the day before, nonetheless she feared that this problem would completely ruin her day.
While eating breakfast she made a decision that completely changed the course of her day. She was going to take it easy, but make the best out of it. After getting rid of some old papers, the room was picture perfect. Just in time to look after her picture taking skills. It was surprising to see all the intricate little things she still had to learn about the new camera. From there on she had enough inspirations for the rest of her day. The headache did not ruin her day, all because she made the decision that she won't let it.

When your done reading, share the first thing that comes to mind. This should get interesting...

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