Friday, October 28, 2011

Challenge Others To Be Creative

Paint Splash
Photo credit: Fiorile83 
You know that I am always trying to challenge your creativity. But what about the creativity of those around you. The people that always think inside the box and continue to do things in a "safe" way?  In the post "How to prompt creativity in people around you" on Creative Something there are some tips that are worth highlighting.

The reason I believe this is important is because I am sure that we all know somebody that are not willing to do anything creative. They even laugh when we try to do something different. At times this could get very frustrating. Especially if it is someone close. So the way to get them out of this cycle according to Creative Something is to have them ask critical questions.

An easy question to ask is: “What’s the worst that could happen if we tried something new?”. This will get them to think. Than there are additional things you could say like "Let's give it a try just this once" or "If it turns out wrong, I will be fully responsible for it".

The thing about it is that many times we fear things that barely ever happen. Now I am not saying that you should go splash paint around your friends room if you know that it is not her style. Start with something small, like splashing paint on a piece of paper and tell her to hang it up in her room if she likes it. Maybe in time she will splash her wall all by herself.

So ask yourself who are you going to challenge and what would be your creative idea.

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