Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inspired to dream BIG

Dropping by one of my favorite blogs 'Design For Mankind' I was inspired to dream BIG. This blog was originally started as just an adventure to get more involved in creative things. In the past few months it has not only inspired me to be creative, but it has also inspired others. Something I am very more than happy to do. Even though the blog states that it is here to inspire the world in some ways I did not believe I was capable of doing so. Until today.

Erin's post called "cheers to a cool project" speaks about dreaming big. She challenges bloggers and business owners to go big using social media and giveaways. This is something I will seriously take as a challenge to take InspirU CooCoo to another level.

Exciting new things will be happening here very soon. My head is loaded with ideas, so stay tuned to get even more inspired. Subscribe to the blog, add me on Twitter and don't forget Facebook. This way you can be sure not to miss out on the great stuff that's coming.

What about you? What can you dream bigger on? Don't stop yourself from dreaming and don't only dream, put a deadline on them so they become goals.

Feather is added because it inspired me today (via Wendy Piersal)

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